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Current Participants

natific's certification portfolio already attracts the attention of some of the most well-known producers in the world. Many of those 
have recognized the true value in earning Straight-To-Production (STP) privileges. Achieving a level 3,4 or 5 ranking gives the mill STP rights for e.g. eliminating the need for physical lab dyeing submissions to the retailer.

With more than 800 installations at leading companies worldwide, these companies already been through the process or are currently in the process of
accreditation. Their compliance status is visible online and many have their production data already recorded in ColorWarehouse which enables people at the mills to better monitor production data.

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Below you only find a small selection of accredited companies that already enjoy STP privileges following their successful CAP accreditation.


Mill                                             Status                   Application Type

PyungHwa Co.Ltd                        STP Privileges        Exhaust
Ansan, Korea

Sewang Textiles Co. Ltd.              STP Privileges        Exhaust
Ansan, Korea

Dongkwang, Dongduchun              STP Privileges        Exhaust
South Korea

Yeongdeok Textile Co.,Ltd            STP Privileges        Exhaust
South Korea

Tak Sang Dyeing & Printing          STP Privileges        Continuous
AnQing PR China

Guangdong Esquel                       STP Privileges        Exhaust Yarn Dyeing
Company Ltd.

Jang You Inc.                               STP Privileges       Cotton Knits - Exhaust
South Korea

Jiangyin Hongliu                           STP Privileges       Woven Continuous
Bedsheet Co.Ltd.
PR China

Guangzhou Kam Hing                 STP Privileges          Cotton Knits - Exhaust
Textile Dyeing & Co.Ltd.
PR China

Shandong Weilian                      STP Privileges           Woven Continuous
Printing & Dyeing
PR China

Sunil C&T Co.Ltd.                       STP Privileges           Cotton Knits - Exhaust
South Korea

Foress Textiles Co.                    STP Privileges            Cotton Knits & Yarn Dyeing
Hangzhou, PR China

Global Dyeing Co.Ltd.                 STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust

Alok Industries Ltd.                    STP Privileges            Woven Continuous

FountainSet Ltd.                        STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust
PR China

Elcatex (Grupo Lovable)              STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust

Pacific Textiles Ltd.                     STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust
PR China

Victory City International              STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust
Holding Ltd.
PR China

Illshin Co.Ltd., Kyunggi-Do           STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust

Illshin Co.Ltd., Ansan City           - In Progress -             Yarn Dyeing
South Korea

Well Dyeing Factory Ltd.              STP Privileges            Cotton Knits - Exhaust
PR China

Brightex                                      STP Privileges            Woven Continuous
Hongkong / PR China

Macton Investment Ltd.                 STP Privileges            Woven Continuous
Shanghai / PR China

Masood Textile Mills Ltd.               STP Privileges           Cotton Knits - Exhaust

Beximco (Bextex)                         STP Privileges            Woven Continuous
Bangladesh                                                                    Yarn Dyeing

Colorland                                      STP Privileges            Cotton - Exhaust      
South Korea

NICE Dyeing Ltd.                           STP Privileges            Yarn Dyeing
Hongkong / PR China


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